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Fast-track Your trading journey with

Copy Trading

Trade smarter, trade faster

Skip the technicalities and tap into global markets in a few simple steps by copying the moves of the strategy providers.

Here’s how it works

Sign up and choose a top trader

Hand-pick the Provider you want to copy

Set your terms

Customize your trade size and risk management options

Start trading

Click 'Activate' and automatically copy top strategies

Experience Unmatched Control

Discover a new level of freedom as you navigate the financial
markets on your own terms.

View strategy providers trading history and performance

Set your own copy rules and adjust the trade size
Sit back and let the top trader take care of the trades
No earnings, no fees
Only pay a performance fee if the strategy increases your earnings
Suspend a copied trade or unsubscribe from a provider any time you want

Their Moves, Your Gains

Explore the list of strategy providers and hand-pick the ones you want to copy,
evaluating their performance data, risk appetite, and unique strategy.

Want to become a Provider?

Join the ranks of top traders worldwide by sharing your unique strategies and amplifying your potential gains.


What is WB copy trading?

Copy trading is a type of online trading where investors can automatically copy the trades made by strategy providers. The process involves setting up a copy trading account with Windsor Brokers and selecting a trader to copy.

Copy trading allows investors with limited trading experience, time, or knowledge to participate in the financial markets by relying on the trades of others. They can simply follow and replicate the trading strategies of other more experienced traders, known as Strategy Providers. It is important to note that copy trading can be risky and investors should carefully consider the track record and risk management strategy of the Providers they choose to follow.

What is a provider in WB Copy Trading?

A Provider is someone who shares their trading strategies with other traders known as Followers. The Followers can then mirror the trading activities of the Provider in their own trading accounts. Providers lay out their trading strategies and create special offers that Followers can subscribe to. These offers will determine the Providers’ compensation, known as the Performance Fee.

What is a follower in WB Copy Trading?

A Follower is someone who copies the trades of a Provider. A Follower account can only follow one Provider at a time and each Provider they follow is considered a “subscription”. Followers can set up copying parameters and risk management rules for their subscriptions. (Note: Followers can create multiple copy trading follower accounts in order to copy multiple Providers at a time)

How is the Performance Fee calculated?
A Performance Fee is a percentage of a profitable trading result of a Follower’s subscription, which is paid to the Provider. The fee is only earned when the profit of the Follower’s subscription surpasses the most recent High Water Mark (HWM), which is the maximum recorded level or value of profit that was last achieved by the Follower’s subscription.

Profit, and therefore the Performance Fee, are calculated on a Weekly Trading Interval. The calculation can be determined by the difference between the current equity, and the equity of the previous week. Equity is your account balance plus the floating profit (or loss) of all your open positions.

The Performance Fee % is determined by the Provider based on the offer they want Followers to subscribe to, but the formula is always the same: Performance fee = Subscription’s Profit x Fee %

For example: Performance Fee = 10%

Week 1 PnL = $400 → $40 Performance fee

Week 2 PnL = -$200 → No Fee ($400 – $200 = $200 < $400 HWM)

Week 3 PnL = $300 → $10 Performance fee ($400 – $200 + $300 = $500; $500 – $400 = $100)
Is WB Copy Trading available in my region?
WB Copy Trading may not be available in your region. For availability, please refer to the Client Portal.

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